Probate Advising

We’ll connect you with a local Probate Attorney who will work with you to administer the decedent’s estate, identify and distribute assets to the beneficiaries, and provide services for other issues that may require the attention of a probate court, including Lost Wills, Will Contests, Removal of Executors, and a variety of other Probate Litigation matters.

Probate Sales

Once the judge and your Probate Advisors have prepared the estate assets for disposition, you will need to hire a Real Estate expert to sell any real property assets. We’ll connect you with trained Probate Realtors who understand the complexities of a Probate Sale.

Re-Investing Assets

Once the estate has been disbursed to it’s Heirs it can be difficult to know how to invest your new assets wisely. We’ll connect you with trained investment advisors who can help you diversify your portfolio.